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What is an ergonomic chair?


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An ergonomic chair mainly refers to a chair that can better fit and support the head, neck, waist, hands, buttocks and other positions when sitting. This chair can reduce the pressure on the above-mentioned parts and make people feel the body. More comfortable. Therefore, the design of the ergonomic chair is generally more natural, to achieve humanity adjustment, and can be suitable for people of different body types.

How is the ergonomic chair designed to protect the core part of the human body?

It can be said that the lumbar pillow has a very, very, very important effect on reducing the pressure on the waist when sitting. If we properly adjust the inclination angle of the chair back, the pressure on the spine can be released to the greatest extent when we are sitting.
In addition to the lumbar backrest, the chair back must also be designed to fit the waist curve of the human body. When sitting on the back of the chair, it has a naturally curved spine shape, which is more ergonomic than ordinary chairs.

If the head is close to the chair when sitting, the headrest must be indispensable. The headrest can effectively relieve the soreness of the cervical spine and head. And in order to be suitable for people of different heights and body types, the height and focus angle of the headrest should be adjustable.

In order to put the hands better when sitting and working, especially the gravity of the elbow, to make the transition between the hand and the table more smooth, and to prevent the mouse hand from being generated, the armrest design of the engineering chair is very important.

Which ergonomic chairs are worth recommending?



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