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Sext-Tuple support ,Ergonomic design office chair_Beleyo furniture


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Quality is not only a way of passing on the products, but also a leading factor in the publicizing of the enterprise image. We track the development of the science closely, keep in pace with the time, and stick strictly to the main stream. With our goal of high quality, excellent taste, and our spirit of adherence and innovation, we are leading the main stream of the furniture industry.

  1. Neck—Multi-dimensional lifting and rotating headrest
    Share the pressure on the head and work easily
  2. Shoulder-S-shaped spine chair back
    Integrated support frame
  3. Waist — Two-way adjustable lumbar pillow
    Focus on the lumbar spine
    Adjustable lumbar pillow to relieve fatigue caused by long-term sitting
  4. Legs —— W-shaped fit cushion, a combination of medium soft cotton and virgin cotton, soft and elastic for sedentary sitting
  5. Hands-lifting armrest support
    7cm lifting armrest, 4 levels can be adjusted
    Lift button
  6. Air rod—lift air rod adjustment
    10cm lifting, 360° rotation
    Flexible to adapt to multiple office environments
    Lifting and adjusting handle to match the height of different people.



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