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BELEYOCHAIR: Several advantages of ergonomic chairs


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The emergence of office chairs is because it brings people the advantages of improving office efficiency, which provides a great degree of convenience to modern urban office workers. However, with the rise of the Internet, people’s requirements for office chairs are getting higher and higher. People’s requirements for chairs are no longer limited to being able to sit and work. Ergonomic chairs with ergonomic background and many adjustment functions have become the focus of people’s enthusiasm. . Thus, an ergonomic chair that combines comfort and efficiency with numerous adjustment functions was born.

Relieve fatigue Correct sitting posture

People who sit at work for a long time must have felt this way, the waist muscles are sore, and the pain from the neck to the spine is not good. Putting a pillow on the back of the chair and wearing a U-shaped pillow on the neck is still to no avail. It is not correct for a long time. Sitting posture also affects the spine, and various spinal diseases come quietly.

The ergonomic chair is a chair designed by designers through testing and sampling that is more suitable for the public. In essence, it is to make the use of the chair as suitable as possible for the natural form of the human body, so that the body and spirit of the person who is using the chair do not need any Actively adapt to minimize fatigue from chair use.

Various functions switch freely

We know that the basic function of the general office chair is only the up and down adjustment function. The ergonomic chair adds more functions to this function: lifting, multi-segment synchronous tilting, front and rear adjustment of the seat, and the backrest height must be adjusted up and down. Adjustment, multi-stage headrest adjustment, armrest lift and angle adjustment. Switch freely at will.

Fashion trend meets aesthetics

The traditional office chairs are mainly business black. For this color, it may be more in line with the visual aesthetics of the post-80s generation. For the post-90s generation who are used to new things, the traditional office chairs are no longer cold. The appearance is fashionable, and the color and environment A perfectly matched ergonomic chair is more favored by young people.



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